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 EP 2: The death rail 


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The making of Supervention – Season 1: «The Death Rail» International version

Click here for Norwegian version

The making of Supervention season 1 and 2
Field Productions and VGTV present the web tv series: The making of Supervention. In the web tv series you will follow the Field Productions crew for two seasons filming for their ongoing two-year film project Supervention. The final film will be released world wide November 2013.

Story: «The Death rail»
Join Even Sigstad and Jesper Tjäder while trying «The Death Rail» on an intense film shoot in Lillehammer.

Episodes in Season 1:

  • Prologue
  • Alaska
  • «The Death Rail»
  • Folgefonna in 3D
  • Horgmo and Jesper
  • The Lyngen Alps
  • Barentsburg
  • New Zealand
  • Official film trailer

Next episode is «Folgefonna in 3D».
Coming December 16th.

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