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 Nominated for Amanda 


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Our latest film, Supervention, has been nominated for Best Cinematography in the Norwegian Oscars, Amanda Film Award. The award show will take place at the Norwegian International Film Festival, Norway’s major festival for film and cinema, August 16th 2014.

For this nomination we would like to thank everyone involved in this production, especially the people who contributed behind the camera:

Cinematography by:
Filip Christensen, Even Sigstad, Lasse Nyhaugen, Jan Petter Aarskog, Espen Kristiansen, Niels Windfeldt, Sveinung Ryan, Morten Engelien, Andreas Johannessen, Matt Pain, Kyle Decker and Trond G. Hansen.

Aerial footage (Helicopter):
Field Productions, Magic Air, Moviebird

Aerial footage (Drone):
Antimedia: Daniell Ashby, Niels Windfeldt

Håvard Småvik / Go!Electra

About Supervention:
Supervention is a documentary showcasing all aspects of modern freeskiing and snowboarding. Follow a group of the world’s most talented skiers and snowboarders on an intense and unpredictable trip around exotic destinations in Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA and New Zealand. The film has been shown in over 50 countries and 40.000 tickets sold in Norwegian cinemas in 2013. Available on iTunes.

Supported by:

Directed by: Filip Christensen and Even Sigstad
Co-directed by: Jan Petter Aarskog and Lasse Nyhaugen
Produced by: Filip Christensen / Field Productions AS
Co-produced byGo!Electra and Antimedia
Distributed by: SF Norge, The Orchard

About Amanda Film Award:
The Amanda Film Award was established to increase the quality of and further the interest for Norwegian films made for theatrical release as well as short films meant for public exhibition. Amanda is organised by The Norwegian International Film Festival Ltd. in co-operation with the Norwegian Film Institute. More info.

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