New work for Bergans and the Y MountainLine collection by director Matias Myklebust, shot in Hemsedal and Romsdalen.

When Bergans approached us for a film for their new collection Y MountainLine, there was no doubt that we should aim high and make it spectacular. Keywords like bold, playful, and technical laid the foundation for a story about a collection designed for long days in the mountains, and the surroundings provided an opportunity to attempt one of Field Productions’ most complex drone shots ever: FPV racing drone, Movi Pro, Phantom VEO 4K, Leica R 50mm and focus control, 250 meters above Hydnefossen, with a three-hour window of light, in -15C degrees! A big thank you for the fantastic effort from everyone on the mountain and to Bergans for a great collaboration!
– Director Matias Myklebust



Director/DP: Matias Myklebust
Prod. manager: Espen Kristiansen
Camera operator: Espen Saur

1st AC: Martin Hagen
FPV drone: Marcus Fjeldheim SkyProduction
PA: LK Haugen
Safety: Roald Lande, Øyvind Eek
Stills: Krogh Photo
Equipment: Storyline Studios

Romsdalen 2nd unit:
Director/DP: Even Sigstad
Prod and drone: Espen Kristiansen
DP: Fred Wergeland
Cam op: Rasmuns Bjerkan
Safety: Håkon Vego

Post Production:

Edit: Matias Myklebust
Online: Mathias Brendsrud
Music: Jon Sigsworth
Sound: Bård Farbu, Shortcut
Color: Didrik Bråthen

Talents: Sigurd Felde, Mali Frydenlund
Producer: Filip Christensen