Millom Bakkar og Berg

Feature documentary

Director: Matias Myklebust.
Released in 2018 by Ranglefant film.

For over a hundred years, the Sunnmøre Alps have been a holy grail and arena for alpine outdoor activities and skiing, but how do today’s generations use the mountains?

Through a journey to Sunnmøre with todays generations join us in a spectacular adventures between hills and mountains on the west coast of Norway. Their view of activitys in the mountains and the alpine outdoor life is in focus.
What motivates them to spend so much time in nature and what is really the most important thing in life?

The film follows Petter (26), a outdoor guide student student in Volda. He hopes to get out in nature and ski exciting lines, but weather conditions and family causes problems for his winter’s goal.

Karsten (37) is a professional skier. He has lived in Chamonix, France for many years and has developed his career there. Karsten must balance the job as a pro skiier against family life. He stands between a choice to give more time to the family, or to continue his own ski career.

Leif (89) is retired outdoor enthusiast and former ski jumper. Leif aims to stay fit as long as possible by getting out into nature and being active. He is grateful for every day he has, and still dreams of new experiences, despite his high age.