Næring til nye opplevelser


New work for Urkraft and Møllerens with Pulse Communications, featuring Asbjørn Eggebø Næss.

Asbjørn Eggebø Næss – 30 sec TVC:

Shooting and directing a commercial like this is exciting, because you can’ t plan and script everything. For it to be authentic and personal we had to let the camera roll to get the magic moments. That’s also how Asbjørn could tell the story in his own words.

I’m really grateful to be able to work with Urkraft and Pulse Communications on this project. To visit Asbjørn at his home in Romsdalen and experience his passion and love for both the outdoors and his family was truly inspiring. Add to the fact that oatmeal was something he already eat every morning – it was hard to tell the difference if this was a documenta­ry or a commercial shoot. It was all about creating a true portrait of Asbjørn. Thanks to the whole team for the great effort!
– Director Even Sigstad

Agency: Pulse Communications
Client: Møllerens
Formats: TV and web.

Director: Even Sigstad
Producer: Filip Christensen
Cinematography: Espen Saur, Even Sigstad
1st AC: Kristoffer Reid
Production coordinator: Espen Kristiansen
Sound design: Peder Jørgensen
Grade. Didrik Bråten
Music: Thomas Kongshavn
Editing: Even Sigstad
Online: Mathias Brendsrud
FPV dronepilot: Marcus Fjeldheim
Dronepilot: Espen Kristiansen
Storyboard artist: Jan Petter Aarskog
Mountain guide: Bjørn Kruse
Stills photographer: Terje Aaamodt